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Naked Fuel is the first juice bar to pioneer 'food as medicine'. Family owned and operated, Natasha and Gloria, a mother-daughter team, combine their hospitality, restaurant, creative and health coaching expertise to bring Naked Fuel to West Bloomfield, Michigan. Gloria always wanted to create her own epicenter of wellness after she and Natasha practiced healing themselves through naturopathic medicine for many years. Their innate healing methods date back two generations, when Gloria's father practiced natural healing on animals and people. Naked Fuel is a natural manifestation of their skills and dreams, and Natasha and Gloria are proud to introduce the concept to the community.


You are what you eat. Conscious eating decisions are the foundation of what Naked Fuel offers. The menu allows you to eat gluten free, dairy-free and sugar free drinks with no additives. The boutique atmosphere is designed to be a community resource where you can study each ingredient on display. The promise is to bring back prehistoric, essential ingredients and recipes, such as bone broth soup known for its medicinal healing properties. Learn how to be your own doctor by understanding food allergies, benefits of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. Fueling up with super foods allows you to be proactive about your health and ultimately, live your best life.


Naked Fuel teaches bio individuality, which is the practice of listening to your body. As they say, "one man's food is another man's poison." Naked Fuel approaches conscious eating decisions with the intention to align the mind, body and soul for a lifetime. Calorie counting and other traditional Western dieting practices are counter intuitive to the Naked Fuel mission. The goal is to to educate the community on how to eat whole, real nutritious foods and avoid processed, poor eating habits in order to achieve a balanced mind-body relationship. Restore and revitalize with our nutritious juices, cleanses, smoothies and snacks (or stop by to enjoy the calm organic atmosphere).